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Signal Conditionner & Safety Barrieres

Signal Conditionner & Safety Barrieres

Signal conditioners protect signal transfer between field devices in safe areas and control systems by galvanic isolation of the loop.

Particularly in case of long transmission paths, signal conditioners avoid compensating currents which may occur from ground loops. Signal conditioners also offer effective protection against electromagnetic disturbance or dangerous over voltages on the signal loops.

Depending on the type, signal conditioners offer additional features like limit switching, transformation from field in standard signals, as well as splitting of signals, which means doubling the input signal.

Explosion Protection,
Isolated Barriers,
Zener Barriers,
Signal Conditioners,
Fieldbus Infrastructure Profibus
HART Interface Solutions

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Classified Environement and Outdoor Protection Computers and HMI NAMA4X
  • Industrial Monitors+HMI Solutions
  • Engineered Solutions
  • Panel Mount Monitors
  • Operator Workstations
  • Zone 1 Systems
  • Zone 2 Life Science Industries
  • Zone 2 Industrial Environments
  • Div. 1 Systems
  • Div. 2 Life Science Industries
  • Div. 2 Industrial Environments

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SCADA and Remote I/O

SCADA and Remote I/O

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition & Remote IO Syetems.
The FB remote I/O system is installed in an enclosure. Standard enclosure options are glass fiber reinforced polyester (GRP), fiberglass, or stainless steel.
Pepperl+Fuchs offers complete remote I/O solutions, including fully certified enclosures with built-in systems and components.

  • Moore Industries
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Panel Purge Systems

Panel Purge Systems

Explosion Protection:
Purge+Pressurization Systems,
Type X Purge System,
Type Y Purge System,
Type Z Purge System,
Ex px Purge System,
Ex pz Purge System,

Corrosive and Dusty Environement Protection:
Enviro-Line Pressurization System

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